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Like home

Just a little better...

Wohnzimmer offers 5 generous apartments in 5 comfortable color themes: Yellow, Lilac, Green, Blue and Colourful. Ample white space and lots of wood with charming details in cozy colors make your stay a true gem for your eyes and your soul.
The apartments create a feeling of openness and lightness, a sophisticated combination of antique uniqueness and simple elegance. They are equipped with all the amenities of modern feel-good standards - holiday apartments that feel like home, except for those few convenient extras: there’s air conditioning in all 4 apartments to keep you cool during those hot summer days boasting Mediterranean climate, free Wi-Fi and of course a dishwasher, the guarantee for a carefree vacation!
Also, we give out a BozenCard to each of our guests. It allows free access to all public transport, one free guided city tour, free entry to all of our regional museums and lots more!
Wohnzimmer Apartments // Via Dr.-Josef-Streiter 31 // I-39100 Bolzano // South Tyrol - Italy
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