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Like home

Just a little better...

Wohnzimmer offers 5 generous apartments in 5 comfortable color themes: Yellow, Lilac, Green, Blue and Colourful. Ample white space and lots of wood with charming details in cozy colors make your stay a true gem for your eyes and your soul.
The apartments create a feeling of openness and lightness, a sophisticated combination of antique uniqueness and simple elegance. They are equipped with all the amenities of modern feel-good standards - holiday apartments that feel like home, except for those few convenient extras: there’s air conditioning in all 4 apartments to keep you cool during those hot summer days boasting Mediterranean climate, free Wi-Fi and of course a dishwasher, the guarantee for a carefree vacation!
Wohnzimmer Apartments // Via Dr.-Josef-Streiter 31 // I-39100 Bolzano // South Tyrol - Italy
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