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Home sweet home

Everything you expect and more

Four comfortable apartments in an ancient building- that’s Wohnzimmer. Sounds simple but in fact is intricate, composed of charming details.

Wohnzimmer is ... FEEL-GOOD SPACE
Four walls and a bed, that’s all you need for a vacation in a city. Wohnzimmer however offers more than visible conveniences such as bed, chair, table, couch and kitchen. It also emits a feeling of lightness and warm ambience. Our charming lady of the house Roswitha selected each piece of furniture and accessory, every tile individually herself. This devotion is visibly felt throughout the house.

Wohnzimmer is ... A LOCATION THAT WOWS YOU
In midst of Bozen’s historic district, in the heart of South Tyrol’s thriving capital Wohnzimmer is perfectly situated for starting trips and adventures of all sorts. Facing the closed courtyard, all apartments offer enough peace and relaxation from the bustle of city life.

Wohnzimmer is ... German for LIVING ROOM
And it lives up to its name. Is there any better place for reading your favorite author, relaxing over a cup of tea, or chatting with friends than a cozy living room? Yup, exactly – no, there isn’t.
Wohnzimmer Apartments // Via Dr.-Josef-Streiter 31 // I-39100 Bolzano // South Tyrol - Italy
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