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From Mud Lane to hip alley

Wohnzimmer has always had somewhat of a personality

The history of our house goes way back to the birth of the city Bozen in the 13th century. There is no way to be sure if the property where Wohnzimmer stands today was built-on from the beginning. What we do know for certain is that since 1775 quite a few families have moved in and out of these walls. Seven different proprietors within one century alone were documented. The reasons for this frequent change however can only be speculated about. The rather unflattering name for the Dr.-Streiter-Gasse alley of the Middle Ages though, Mud Lane, points to a quite obvious image: Due to its situation at the town’s borders, lots of garbage and filth was deposed of here on the street and the alley was commonly dubbed the Mud Lane; well, who would have thought, right?
Fortunately though, growth and modern sewage systems as well as improving hygienic conditions freed our street of these circumstances. Today Dr.-Streiter-Gasse is home of the “Fischbänke”, the “fish bars” and the Capitol-Filmclub cinema, thus hip encounter for gourmets, culture vultures and shopping aficionados. It’s generally loved for its impressive cleanliness.
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